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The Power of GOOD Baked in a Donut

suger doughnuts

The kind of goodness found in every one of Maggie’s doughnuts is a kind of magic that imparts itself throughout the daily baking process as over 50 years of commitment to the original recipes is stirred in. With each bite, memories are stirred as well; the family laughing together, the kids’ faces smeared with frosting, serious and casual conversations with friends are recalled. This is where relationships were formed, and continue to last for generations.

Each donut is a connection to the past – a reminder of what was and what can be when people take time to be with people. Because Maggie’s Doughnuts has stayed true to our original 1959 recipes, and will continue to do so, you will always have a place to connect to the past while enjoying your own ‘baking process’ of creating memories for the future. Come on in. Take a bite. See for yourself what GOOD really tastes like!


At Maggie’s Doughnuts, we are committed to bringing the generations together by providing the same wholesome taste made fresh every morning for over 50 years.