Maggie’s Doughnuts Established 1959


Cleveland Press Article circa 1962

Maggie’s Doughnuts. If you have been a resident of Middlefield for any length of time, you have most likely been a visitor here. Maggie’s has been a part of the fiber of Middlefield since the mid-1960s. It’s walls echo with stories from generations of families who have tasted the goodness and experienced the significance of moments shared around a common love that bind them together – in this case donuts made from scratch from the original 1959 recipes.

Stan and Maggie Pierce first opened Maggie’s Doughnut Shop at 2149 Noble Road in East Cleveland. Three years later at 3 p.m. one afternoon, they found themselves up to their elbows in dough as they began a 17-hour long marathon to complete an order for 12,000 donuts to be delivered the next morning! That was the largest order of donuts Stan had ever heard of in his 20 years of being in the business. But at 8:30 a.m. the next morning, with the help of their 18 year old assistant, the Bailey Meter Company picked up their order, and Stan and Maggie drove home and wearily crawled into the bed of their Newbury home, exhausted though happy.


Basil and Junior White with Stan Pierce on the right

Several years later, Stan’s friends, Basil and Junior White, opened up the first grocery store in Middlefield with departments for meat, produce, and baked goods all located within the same facility – a novel idea for that era. They offered him a spot in the corner, so Maggie’s Doughnut Shop was moved to Middlefield in the mid-1960s.

Maggie Pierce on left

Ryan Naylor bought the shop from the Pierce’s in 1975, and soon after, 13-year-old Bill Poole began working for him. After 14 years of doughnut-making, he purchased the shop and aside from a brief year-long stint in Chardon, Maggie’s has been at it’s current location on High Street since 1991. Though Maggie’s has passed from one generation to the next, the original recipe developed by the Pierce’s way back in 1959 has remained the same. During the wee hours of the morning, when all the village is quiet, you will find Bill and his employees inside mixing ingredients from the age old recipe; kneading, cutting, and frying up their old-fashioned goodness. These are topped and filled with Maggie’s special glazes, frostings, and fillings that have for decades delighted the taste buds of young and old alike.



At 4 a.m., the doors of Maggie’s Doughnut Shop open for another day, and visitors know they will find their favorites here where they are still bringing the generations together by providing the same wholesome taste made fresh every morning for over 50 years.